Choose The Best WordPress Hosting Service

Choose The Best WordPress Hosting Service

WordPress Hosting Service

Are you in the market on the lookout for an affordable and reliable WordPress hosting service?

Did you know that WordPress powers almost 30% of the websites found on the internet? Since a lot of websites are powered by WordPress, there are a number of affordable and high-end WordPress hosting services like Your Preferred Host that have grown in numbers over the last few years.

Now, the question arises how does one choose the best cheap WordPress hosting service from the lot? Anytime you are looking to pick the WordPress hosting services for a new or already existing WordPress site, you must focus on these things.

SSL Certificate

The importance of SSL Certificate is well known as Google has already made it public that they see it as a ranking factor. A number of WordPress hosting companies offer easy-to-integrate SSL certificates and their services are absolutely free. There are some web hosting services which charge for SSL certificate even from the bloggers even though it isn’t actually required. You should prevent such companies because you might end up losing money which could have been put to better use.

Latest PHP version

Make sure that your preferred services have PHP 7.0x because it gives a lot of advantages over its predecessor while also enabling the WordPress to function faster.

Location of the server

The loading time of the WordPress website belonging to you will have a direct impact on the website’s search engine ranking. It is recommended to host the websites as close to your target audience as possible.

Customer Support

The best cheap WordPress Hosting service will always offer amazing customer support right from day one. While choosing a WordPress Hosting service, you should make sure to check how good their customer support is.

Apart from these measures, there are other features like bandwidth, hosting space, and ease of using the control panel can be the icing on the cake. Many times people especially the new users will make the mistake of buying plans they don’t actually need. In case you are going to start a new WordPress blog and want to shop for hosting services, it would be better to get a shared hosting plan as it is inexpensive. This type of plan is sometimes 50% less expensive in comparison to other hosting services. For shared hosting plans, anything from $3.00 to $6.00 per month would be an amazingly low priced deal.

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