How To Build A Website For My Business

How To Build A Website For My Business

Step to build a website for my business

If you are a start-up and you don’t have a website then it means you might be losing out on a lot of potential customers. Many people come up with excuses from website development being too complicated to even buying the domain for the website being too expensive. But now, with new domain providers and hosting services coming into the fray, there are a lot more options.

Now that you’re ready to have a website, it is fair for you to ask “How to build a website for my business”? Here are 5 simple steps that will help you get your business website up and running quickly.

Step 1: Choosing and registering your website’s domain name

The first step will be for you to decide on the name that you want to give to your website – for example, “www.mynewwebsite.com”.

First, check if your business name is available. For doing so, enter in the domain search tool and if you get “Congratulations your domain name is available!”, it will mean you can use your business name otherwise you will get a message telling you that this domain cannot be used for registration as it has already been taken. If you get this notice, you will need to adjust the business name.

Step 2: Select your preferred Platform & host and check if it is right for you

Once the domain is chosen, the next step lies in deciding where you should host the website. A host will be the service that stores your website.

There are many versatile hosting options like Your Preferred Host that deliver the most value. You can easily register the domain and host the website for as less as $2.95 per month.

Step 3: Outline the web content

Once you are done with selecting the platform you want to use, you should concentrate on deciding what the website will say. This is a difficult step and one of the reasons that deter the owners from creating websites because you have to figure out what the website will say.

As surprising as it might sound, the most efficient websites are those that don’t say much at all. A lot of successful business websites are simple and feature minimal text with single options on each page like submission form, “contact us” button, and more. You can see some web design options here.

Step 4: Deciding the logo

The design of the website is heavily affected by the font, color, and style of the logo as it is logical that you would want a consistent theme between the web pages and your logo.

Step 5: Designing the website

Once you have all the pieces to build a website, it is time to put them together. You can merge all the pieces by designing an appealing website that makes a good first impression because it takes less than 3 seconds for the visitor to decide if they will stay or leave your website once they have visited it. If you need to hire a professional web designer Your Preferred Host can help you with that at a very affordable price

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